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I don’t know if men like us ever find peace, Mr. Bolan. In this world or the next. But I hope so. I really do.

Anonymous inquired: "are you really Anson Mount??????kisses from Serbia"

Nope, this is just a fansite! We have no affiliation with Anson Mount.

Anonymous inquired: "Hi, absolutely fantastic website - must have taken you hours! I've only just got to know Anson Mount thru HOW - now can't get enough. I note that his bio says he was in 'Supremacy' - has this been released? Can't seem to find it here in Australia? Keep up the great site - JulieH, Melbourne"

Thank you! As far as I know ‘Supremacy’ has not been released yet, and I can’t find a confirmed release date for it. I’ll post more about it as information is released :) 

Anonymous inquired: "love your site, I am new to HoW, what happened to Dominique, why did they kill off her character?"

Thank you! To be honest, I am not sure why they decided to kill off Lily Bell. From what I’ve seen Anson talk about the decision, he said that the show wasn’t really about romance, instead it was more about ambition. I don’t know if this was a decision the writers knew they were going to make all along, or if it had to do with dominique wanting to do other projects, i really don’t know. 

Personally I was really upset that they killed off Lily Bell. I think her character was really starting to blossom into this amazing woman, who was motivated and empowered in a time when women typically weren’t. Even if they didn’t want to pursue the romance angle, I think they could have kept her around and followed her work and personal ambitions. But alas, I am not a writer on the show.